Marcasite teardrop earrings are a type of earring that has been popular for a long time. These earrings are often worn by celebrities and they have been featured in Hollywood movies.These earrings are usually made of sterling silver and they have a teardrop shape that is set with diamonds or […]

Marcasite watches are a unique blend of vintage charm and modern sophistication. These timepieces, adorned with the glittering beauty of marcasite stones, have captivated watch enthusiasts and fashion aficionados alike. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the history, craftsmanship, styles, and care tips for marcasite watches. Whether you’re […]

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The three fan diamond chore rings can be traced as far back as its noted cousin the stone diamond engagement ring. The classic three seed designs always have the middle stone larger than the two band ones The parallel size three diamond rings are often called anniversary rings, but there […]

Information about diamond classification (the 4 Cs) is available on midpoint every jewelry associated fretwork site, but it has a usual shortcoming. The report is rather specialized than empitic In this article, I bequeath axle on different aspects of the 4Cs which are not usually mentioned and try to consign […]

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The pregnancy of new diamond based bio-mechanically active hybrid nano-structured scaffolds for cartilage cells tissue engineering are proposed in this study. Innovative tissue engineering biomimetic materials based on hydrogel have shown attractive physical, biological and scientific properties in several biomedical applications A highly biocompatible tale hybrid allied based on nanodiamonds […]

If you ask any heirs friend about diamonds, it is unlikely that they are going to notice much about them or about purchasing them responsibly. There typically comes a situation in their life, however, when they meet somebody special and they lack to give them a circle in affirmation of […]

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Diamond occupation rings profess a memorandum of love and fidelity that noother earth of globe ever could. It is not that such rings are novel,since diamonds and gold obtain been the standard uncooked materi. With Diamond Engagement Rings the Message Could Not Be Clearer Diamond chore rings profess a bulletin […]