Fashion Trade of Jewelry in 2011

The degree of gems in procedure industry is taking bigger and bigger, many designers begin to use ornaments to display the routine of their clothes. Generally, in the newest season week in New York.

Fashion Trade of Jewelry in 2011

Fashion Trade of Jewelry in 2011

The ratio of jewellery in manner industry is obtaining bigger and bigger, many designers begin to use regalia to present the procedure of their clothes. Generally, in the newest season week in New York, London, Milan and Paris, we could not only enjoy the modern costume of subsequent season, but furthermore could fondle the means trade of jewelry in 2011.

Romance & Natural StyleOur amazing character not only supplys the materials we need, but further gives us some precious sanctified prosperity Simplicity and naturalness merge with end story which brings colorful and changeable manner The thesis of jewelry motif contains flower, bird, insect, yachting organism and so on Except some usual metal, standard stone, resin, lace, leather and braid are besides used in this theme. The color of this average manner is the soft and hazy pink which brings book feeling

New futurismFuturism fully could not without some geometric elements which brings boundless originality Soft curve and voodoo color redefine the futurism New futurism sink some contemporary art like sculpture, construction, geometry, photology and some supplementary witchcraft elements. The characters of this method are laconic outline, juicy line, nebulous gender feature The color of it is besides childlike ominous or white, or even thumping noted colors

New Interpretation of Oriental ElementThe culture of China is prevalent and profound. Chinese traditional buildings, implements, philosophical thinking, folk art and minority accessories are all the inspirations of designers This way is rich in ethnic customs, and designers bestow new solution of traditional culture

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Exaggerate & Luxurious StyleThe jewelry of this season still emphasizes on high size Each brand seems to be in comparing whose size is bigger, after all oversize and exaggerate jewelry could draw additional attentions, and furthermore could make wearers look thin Weird design, oversized measurement could bear visual collision No matter the related is mental, stone, leather or plastic, rangy size is the most famous standard. The application of color is flexible and exaggerate one

In conclusion, jewelry is a individual of people, especially for women Knowing the new trend of this season could backing you look supplementary pretty in decorating yourself.

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