List Host Nightmares!

For three weeks as I was putting out my weekly . proverb a . on the log-in screen at my index Gold, . I could elevate from Listbot Goldto a new bCentral service bei

List Host Nightmares!

List Host Nightmares!
For three weeks as I was putting out my weekly newsletter,I epigram a promotion on the log-in screen at my inventory host,ListBot Gold, suggesting I could lift from Listbot Goldto a new bCentral service Jewelry shop being launched called ListBuilder.It would consign me the opportunity to accrue other demographicinfo from subscribers and provide the talent to sendHTML email to those who choose it on subscribing I’d been desire to be able to provide advertisers a betterpicture of my subscriber base to garner fresh advertising forthe Reading List I was overwrought to try it after consideringthe idea, so the modern week I saying the promotion on the log-in screen at ListBot, I took the bait and clicked the”Upgrade Free” link. The salutation properly warned me thatswitching over now could discontinue speech of my newsletter fora situation while relocation of the list took place. Oh well, I’mon Sunday night deadline for my Monday am diction time,so I put it off another weekNext week I checked in to ListBot a span of days early toupgrade and allow the “migration time” of the list. I wentthrough the online set-up and was glad to see that the listhad been moved to ListBuilder in economical direction and was readyto go by mailing case a whole day before the succeeding ReadingList was due to go out. I updated the subscribe links onover 100 pages of my site to reflect the new sign-up boxesoffered by ListBuilder and had a twinge of nervousnesswhile thinking, “What if I don’t like this new serviceand the manner it works? I’ve logical charge myself some valuabletime and consign have to protuberance back to ListBot links”I knew that I could “restore” my guide after deleting itbecause I had seen that fit at ListBot for years whilesending out my newsletter “Your record can always be restoredlater if you mend your mind.” So I continued, sent outthe blessing family through ListBuilder and woke up Mondaymorning to another twinge of waver Should I obtain downloadedmy subscriber guide before migrating in circumstance of a problem?Damn, I should have impression of thatSeems there was no problem as I received my retain copy ofReading List, but I didn’t receive the typical spate ofautoresponder messages telling me that folks were outof the office temporarily or that they had received mymessage I quickly went to the civic archive for my listat ListBot and checked to find it “DELETED!” Full reach fright set it and I quickly logged in toListBuilder to see that my archives had been movedsuccessfully there and managed to calm my adrenalin rushafter a few minutes of hyperventilating I looked fora procedure to vista the archive without logging in as I’d postedlinks on my site to the federal archive of ListBot forthe Reading List. They’re all broken now!More changes to my site and searching for archive linksthroughout my site! Damn! After spending the sequential flawless weekcopying my archive from the new ListBuilder PRIVATE listowner archive, tediously cutting and pasting to my have siteall of the previous issues and finally changing theremaining links on my site to reflect hosting of my ownarchive, I sighed relief It was overBut, no, a new fright congeal in to my tired attitude What if theemail subscribe tenon that I had promoted for two full yearsin my articles sent to fresh lists for distribution hadstopped working as well?! I sent a appraisal email and foundto my immediate astonish that new subscribers to the ReadingList were acceptance the brief message, “List Cancelled,Sorry, mail is not filtered for lists that are cancelled.”I believe I wanna die now Full compass depression sets in andI dredge up the zeal to send a dispatch to both ListBot Goldand to ListBuilder backing teams that I’ve got a veritable problemwith the way this complete device went, begging for some level ofsolution from them and got two canned responses saying, “subject:RE: CST34553119ID We appreciate any ideas you may hold concerning a resolution to this problem I will be glad to brazen them to the Product party Rest confident that we are continually objective ways to take you the first email brochure service there is”I’m literally screaming, “Help! I’ve been seriously injuredand privation medical accent to save the life of my list beforeit bleeds to death!” They’re standing beside me scratchingtheir skulls saying, “Gee, got any ideas on what we coulddo to help? I wanna be a tend some day” I privation these guysto be the boon on the landscape of any accident I’m involved in!I went back to my ListBot Gold balance and hit that splice thatsaid “Restore a deleted list” and found to my relief that itworked and I now had an active inventory in both places. I’ll justhave to import the new subscribers manually each week to theListBuilder balance for everyone that sees my articles anduses the subscribe interlock available from my resource container ofarticles published in the archives of dozens of largelists where my articles had been featured over the lasttwo years or soI’ll definitely look closely at any such new changes to becertain they don’t affect my task on that scope in thefuture This has zero to do with the value or utilityof the service I’m just outraged that I wasn’t warned ofthe problems that occurred here MSN bCentral didn’t warnme that all my subscribe links would be broken, they didn’tsay I’d deprivation to correct all my subscription boxes sitewide,they didn’t say the ameliorate would transact my previously publicarchive maid and they didn’t acquaint of any potentialproblems the correct might pose They were incredibly short-sighted in promoting the “upgrade” to voguish payingclients without posing any hidden “issues” pertinent tothe change.I’d recommend that each of those items be decidedly statedalong with the current warning that “Migration may causea delay in delivery”, which caused me to break signing upuntil it wouldn’t originate that dispute If I’d foreseen theother issues myself, I’d stagnant own made the move, but onlyafter reconciling the problems The warnings should havebeen posted and if they don’t do it now, I’d be surprisedif others didn’t consider receiving just action.Friday June 22, ListBot Gold customers were notified thatthe service was to be “Shut Down” by August 20 and those whofail to migrate to the ListBuilder service bequeath lose theirdata. Essentially saying to subscribers of the service thatthey could care less how it affects them and by the way,hurry up and get your cloy outta here Almost like a bitterspouse booting her cheating hubby rather than a paid servicethat should deference those long-time customers and the incomethey bringCurrent ListBot Customers who would like to manoeuvre their listto a decent host, we’ve arranged a special covenant for you Visit: for one month freehosting of your obtain newsletter, ezine or dialectic list.

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