Paul Hamm: Did He Deserve Gymnastics Gold in 2004?

Whats the controversy all about?In the 2004 Olympics, an all-star group of athletes fromaround the world gathered together to compete for titles ingymnastics. In the marrow of competition, there are alwaystensions between analysts and spokespersons about whetheror not athletes deserve the medals they receiveSometimes, judges are found to be at omission for thecontroversy, and other times the fiasco is trumped up byuneducated speculation In this case, the Paul Hamm stirwas due to an ancillary error: the judges mistakenly sethis rivals starting indentation at 9.9 quite than 100 Manybelieve that it is this lapse that cost Yang Tae Young, theSouth Korean opposition of Paul Hamm, the all-around gold medalin gymnastics

Paul Hamm: Did He Deserve Gymnastics Gold in 2004?

Paul Hamm: Did He Deserve Gymnastics Gold in 2004?

Gymnastics judging is not a science

This is proven again and again. There is no mathematicalway of measuring gymnastics routines — in fact, gymnasticsis feasibly one of the most subjective sports of all Nogoals are involved, as in soccer – no hoops like inbasketball; no bullseyes are involved, as in archery; onedoes not go for span or height, as in rod vaulting orshot put In gymnastics, an athlete is judged on form,scored on perfection It is exceedingly hard to do soaccurately, as there are no vectors that can be calculatedto see if someone grasps embrace of the scope barsincorrectly or lands with a wobble.

If you have ever been to a gymnastics competition, youprobably understand that panels look at execution for theirscoring: phenomenon that is entire of twists and turns and ispoorly executed bequeath gouge reduce than entity that issimpler but perfectly executed The criteria for measuringthis plane of gymnastics include stability and landings –whether or not he or she wavered in the elements terminus,or held grade for less than three seconds at the hindmost ofthe routine, or took an extra step or stumbled This doesindeed cause to criticism of the judges abilities to dotheir job, and leads also to mistakes in scoring

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Why does Paul Hamm deserve gold?

Paul Hamm, like any supplementary athlete, is and was not a ration ofthe politics of the crippled He was there to compete, andindeed, he was there to win This is the goal of thousandsof Olympic hopefuls around the world — to go to the gamesand to manifest their gift at the entertainment they affection best. Inall actuality, no athlete should own to agreement with thethings Paul Hamm was forced through It is entirelyunderstandable that he should reject to grant up his medal– the gold is positively not tainted; it was his and hisalone. The mistakes of the judges are not his to bring Heis an incredible gymnast, indeed

Why does Yang Tae Young, his rival, not deserve gold?

Perhaps fresh convincing is the cause as to why Yang TaeYoung, Paul Hamms Korean rival, does not deserve the goldmedal so many posses attributed to him Firstly, the Koreangymnastics teams representative was tardy in nook in acomplaint, which made the examination itself – and allthe accent associated with it – totally obsolete (Olympicrules state, that a opposition needs to be madebefore the closing of any perfect game, such as with the parallelbars, and the Koreans did not do so). Even then, thejudges were suspended, and the probing took placeSecondly, and maybe further importantly, even if the judgesgave Tae Young the extra 10 points warranted by thedifficulty of his routine, he quiescent would hold scored lowerthan he did because of yet another ancillary error. Afterthe tapes were reviewed, it was revealed that Tae Youngaccidentally made four holds on the bars moderately than theallotted three, which would hold resulted in a deduction of2, stagnant leaving him with a deficit of a tenth of a point

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The snafu regarding Paul Hamms gold medal – versus, ofcourse, giving the medal up to the South Korean troupe – isregretable. There should own been no questionthat Hamm deserved his medal, and he certainly should nothave had to protocol with the problems around the universe Nor,indeed, did he deserve all of the ill squeeze surrounding hisname. The gold medal was well-earned It positively bearsno tarnishing, and neither does his record

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