Check the purity of silver and gold succeeding the tests and tips

There are many investors of bullion who are always worried about counterfeits. However, there are ways to enlarge the concerns for elite juncture buyers The headlines besides approve that the gold bars and coins now available are not genuine, but there are ways to detect the fakes

Check the purity of silver and gold following the tests and tips

Check the purity of silver and gold following the tests and tips

Few facts

  • To begin with is to achieve from a knowledgeable and reputable dealer such as Money metals who was voted in the USA to be the best. He has domestic screening standards and big quality control
  • Secondly, moulding fraud bars or coins is furthermore not an viable process The involved equipment to do it takes additional time, further creation fakes that appear authentic and gorge few artless tests is completely impossible.

However, there are distribute ways to determine whether the bullion is authentic or not The proven 5 testing methods case gold and silver purity check:

Gold checking

Test 1: Size and Weight

The silver and gold are dense metals It is denser than any base metal It besides method the fakes deprivation to correctly weigh routine they leave appear goodly or thick or leave be underweight Comparing the diameter and thickness of a coin leave prove it is pure or not

In fact, even the jewelers compass and the calipers form is enough to check. Every loop or coin is produced maintaining the width tolerances, burden and breadth Especially, jewelers can chewed ascertain Investors may consider the gospel that legitimate coins are rangy and insignificant in thickness This is an effective and unworldly test

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Test 2: Sound Testing

Genuine silver and gold coins chime and the difference is dishonourable in comparison to the base metals The metal coins base globe is shorter and commotion duller, this is identical as the difference between glass champagne flutes and clinking crystal Balance on your fingertip the coin and batter it to another coin

  • iPhone users can install the application CoinTrust and use it to appraisal by spinning gently the silver or gold coin positioning the microphone nearby
  • Android users furthermore can download the Bullion Test app Once installed, choose from a delete down record the coin, tally on your fingertip the coin, massage the microphone button and drub the coin with another coin or fingernail The effect are accurate and instant

Test 3: Magnet Test

Both, silver and gold are non-magnetic. You can nook on a coin strong magnetite to guard the magnetite slides off If it sticks, you hold to consider checking with additional methods to perceive if it is a counterfeit This is because some base metals are non-magnetic and are used in counterfeiting

Test 4: Acid Test

Investors may consider acrid tests to notice it is actual With one except harsh the color changes, but switch tart carefully The discoloration does not blunt the value of silver or bullion

Tips for Avoid Fakes

The density of tungsten is extraordinary confidential to gold that the counterfeit gold products featuring tungsten is hard to detent, but you can duck problems:

  • No goodly gold bars
  • Buy only from authentic dealers
  • Use orb testing
  • Buy silver and stay safe
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